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Deployment Assist

A unique set of products to aid deployment of completion strings to T.D. and overcome the most challenging hole conditions where rotations are not preferred.



A casing/liner running sub designed to overcome restrictions as the completion string is run into the wellbore. By re-orientating an eccentric nose shoe using pick-up and set down in order to overcome wellbore restrictions and aid delivery of the casing to bottom every time. Each stroke up or down will advance rotation of the pilot shoe by 30°.


A sacrificial deployment motor is a cost-effective downhole motor, designed to aid deployment of final string completion in potentially problematic applications by pumping, without the need to rotate the full string from surface. The motor is designed to be non-serviceable, single use and run on the end of casing string with a casing shoe / drill bit on the end to ream past wellbore issues. It is not drillable, hence the reason it is for final string only.

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